Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He Washes Our Hearts White As Snow.......

A couple of weeks ago, Little Man asked our Pastor if he would baptise him, This is something that he ha really been wanting...... Our Dear Pastor was delighted and it just so happened that he was already baptising another dear young fellow, so he invited us along, and We were to do it at Pirates Cove! How fitting for my little pirate! So I am sharing our pictures.

 Little Man never meets a stranger, this little guy was from the church down the beach that was also baptising. Don't they look like they have known each other forever? Brothers in Christ!

Posing by the Cave with a little Arrr!

The opposite end of the cove, So beautiful!

He doesn't realize just how cold that water is.....

but he does here, It was so funny, it took him a few seconds/minutes to get out to the Pastor, Pastor just waited and patiently encouraged him forward.

Praying with Little man

Time to go under........But man it's cold

Still trying! hehehe very hesitant, Wouldn't you be?

Rising up new in Christ! Such a blessed moment! The others in our group were so excited for him, and clapping and congratulating him. We have such an awesome church family! Thank you Lord!

 Our Feet while we were praying......
Pastor and Little Man 
Little Man, His Daddy and Pastor

What a funny Face Little Man has, But what a great treat, A Family Picture, Little Man, His Daddy and Me.
Later in the week, LM and I were driving down the street and he said to me....."Mom getting baptised was amazing, I can really feel my walk with God, greater than before."

And here sums up the name of my Blog........ Because........





michelle allen said...

this is so sweet! congratulations to your little man!! and to you and your husband. God is good :)

Mica said...

Yay Donovan... How awesome... I am so proud of him. Love ya all..Mica

Patti said...

Bless his heart, that water probably was so cold. Congratulations to you Donovan. You are so awesome!
Yes out of the mouth the heart really does speak.
God Bless you Lori and Little Man

mya said...

Hi, Lori, I will be swapping with you this November. I did not know that I was signed up (how do I do these things?), but I will have unexpected time and I would like to.
Enjoyed your post about your son's baptism - old enough to really remember the experience. I am not trying to push my blog, but you might get a kick out an old post of mine:

July 26, 2001
Keeo your toes pointed - just in case.

You are probably on top of everything, but if you are pushed for time, especially with the holidays, do not wotty - I meant worry, but don't wotty either - about the 'mail date.'

Wishing you are yours a great week.

mya said...

Lori, noticed that the entire archive address did not print - the reat of it was: archive.html