Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come To My Table Of Love..............

My little man is always hungry at bedtime, Now this has just started the last 2 years or so, and I still think it's a ploy to not go to bed right away, A last ditch effort...... So tonight as usual, Mommy announces "Bedtime" and 2 seconds later he comes to say he is hungry. Sometimes it is annoying, but tonight, I see it as an opportunnity to lavish some love on him. When I turned donwn his request for Chocolate Cookies He then asked for warm milk.......... (UGH!!!! I hate warm milk) but he's asking for it. A light in my head goes off......click! click! (that's my light.... hehe)

and I say:


Oh! the look on his face, With pure excitment he kept repeating in funny voices....... "My Table Of  LOVE!"

He makes me giggle..... So I worked a mothers magic................

 M M Good! Nothing is as good than a home coco cup.

 Look at the Frothy Goodness

First Sip

Warm Milk and Minty Hot Chocolate

Already working!

Just perfect! A mothers Love worked it's Magic and My baby boy and his best friend Toby are sound asleep!




Patti said...

Absolutely wonderful Lori.
This is what people like to read.
Congratulations, great job!!!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Weren't you smart! I'm going to have to tell my daughter this, she has one in particular that hates to go to bed.

Mica said...

too funny! He is such a silly head... I see those strawberry shortcake sheets...were those yours as a little girl? What does he think sleeping in Strawberry sheets??? Sweet dreams my love..Mica

Lori Garbarino said...

Poor Baby! I have to collect new sheets, I packed up his sheets when I moved out of my home and forgot to bring them here, Once I get my stuff out storage then he will have his Wiggles and Bob the Builder sheets back. hahaha! These are My neices sheets...... He says he doesn't care. Too funny!