Thursday, July 8, 2010

Answers To The Questions.......WHY?

One of the Answers to the Questions..... WHY? that i am currently looking for is:

Why are relationships with women so hard? Part 1

My Sister Mica and I were having a lovely conversation the other day on this very subject, We were asking the same questions and as we were discussing this, I got so excited to start writing about on my blogs.... Ladies, What makes us lend ourselve to judgement and caddieness, Now if we are being truly honest we all fall into this at one time or another, so don't be appalled, just sit back and ponder, Why do we look at each other and feel the need to pick each other apart. Why when I don't flat Iron my hair does that one person have to say to me, Girl you need a date with a flat iron! can't a girl have frizzy hair if she wants to.... haha or more seriously what about this: I feel like I have lost a friend since my seperation, I feel like she doesn't want to talk to me anymore, I think of our past conversations and I wonder does she not want to talk to me because while I was going thru the darkest time in my life I turned down her offers to get together, I found myself getting hurt then a little angry like how could she not call me knowing that I have just emotionally died...... Then I find out that she may be going through the very thing that I went thru and it strikes me just how fast my sinful, ugly, always thinking the worst, doomsday mind can trick me into being judgemental.

Here's the deal, Life is really hard..... We are not promised Rainbows and Butterflies, as a matter of fact we are promised trials and tribulations, each and every one of us, and instead of hurting each other we need to build each other up, lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on....... Always pray...... Forgive and seek forgiveness.

Resist thinking the worst about each other, instead show Grace and Mercy even if it's only in your thoughts.

Just a thought! What do you think?



Patti said...

I think you are right and you are definitely making a point here.

Yes, keep this sort of thing going on here.

Love it!!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back Lori! So much of what you say is true. It's hard to behave when we are in pain. Most people can be graceful when life is well. It's when something is out of balance, that it becomes difficult to act with grace. I try to remember when I'm in pain not to displace it on someone else. One of these days, I hope I get it down.