Sunday, July 11, 2010


The familiar sting of chest pain is back. He and I are not doing so well. He doesn't think we will be happy and his feelings have changed. To be rejected once is pure torure but twice....... is unbeleiveable. I just don't understand. There are so many contradictions, so much left unsaid.

I am so sad and my heart is so broken!

Please keep me in your prayesrs.




Mica said...

Dear, dearest sister. You know I love you and care deeply for you and little D! I am distraught for you. Your heart is what I am concerned for. I am just gonna say it since you posted about it... But, I think you have honestly tried with all your might to make it work, unfortunately he has not made much of an effort.His actions have spoken louder than his empty words. I really think you need to give him distance a lot longer. He needs to sit back, think and realize what is at stake and what he is about to lose.... more time perhaps, but longer than just a few months.Sister, it is up to God to change him and his heart...It is God you need to put that trust in right now. No man can fulfill what you need right now, but your Heavenly Father! Trust in Him sweetie! Need to get away?? Come here! I love you, I am here and always will be by your side. I am willing to pick up your broken heart with you and help you restore it. It kills me to see you broken. I love you Sister! Mica

Patti said...

Take a deep breath and try to get back where you were a couple of months ago. Communication is the key and if it takes time to get your message across then keep sending it. His messages are confusing I know. It is hard but maybe things will be okay with more time.

I hate that you are hurting again my daughter. When my children hurt I hurt right along with them. You are as much my child as your hubby is.

I love you

Anonymous said...

Lori, please listen to Mica and Patti. They gave you very good advice. In the end, he may never realize what he's giving up. Sometimes it's a good thing God allows choices and sometimes not so great because sweet people like you get hurt. Just don't be someone who can be dangled on a string while he's trying to make up his mind. Live your life and be a vibrant, loving woman. Don't let your depression cause you to make choices which will keep you unhappy in the end. Lori, though I've never met you in person, I feel love for you and want you to be safe and happy.