Monday, October 19, 2009

The Joys of a Day Spent With Family!

What can be more wonderful than spending time with those you love? To me, Nothing!! Saturday Little Man and I went to Riley's Farm, in Oak Glen California, We met Our family there. Pattie, Mr. Darling and Mica and Maestro and Freckles! We had a great adventure.

Gramma, Uncle Darling, Cousin Maestro, and Little Man!

Our Precious Freckles, as sweet as a rose, in her Praire dress her momma made her with her matching bonnet, Little man wearing his Civil War Hat, and Maestro Looking so mature! Our Babies are growing so fast!

Playing Colonial Games!

Little Man had his eye on this Musket the whole time, He decided to re inact right then and there.

Did he get you? Haha of course not, it's just pretend silly!


Patti said...

What a fun time we had.
Where are the pictures of the musical spoon concert?

I had such a wonderful time!
Love you all

Mica said...

we did have so much fun together!!!!! Will have to do more things like that again...soon!!!!