Monday, October 26, 2009

My Heart Is Broken.............

This is my precious Mom. She passed away on August 17, 2009, very unexpectedly. My world shattered into little pieces that Summer morning. There was nothing I could do. For so long I have felt so very numb, I cried only once, the night of her funeral. I thought I was going crazy, you can't be as close to my mom and not cry your eyes out! Well Time has brought the flood! my emotions are in a total uproar! I can hardly function. I am so scatter minded that I can not even order a Pizza right. I can hardly manage to breathe.

I know God is with me and I know that She is home in heaven. I know God is in control. I know I will never be the same. Will I even like who I am to become without her? Here is where the Faith comes in. I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. and so I will get out of bed each day not matter how hard it is, I will go to work even when I feel I have nothing to give, I will feed my family each day.

I will find a way to breathe again.


Mica said...

you will be able to breathe. You will never have to forget the wonderful mother she was to you. She will be missed.. until we are all in heaven together...shes up there saving your seat!!!! Love you dear sister... you can always talk to me...I am here to relieve you of tears anytime!!! Me

Patti said...

This has made me cry for you sweetie.
I know what you are feeling and I wish I could help. You need to cry Lori. You need to cry and cry and cry and talk to her and tell her how much you miss her and what she meant to you. That is what I do whenever I am missing my Mom.

She really is in a better place right next to God. You will see her again in heaven and when you do it will be as if she never left you. She is with you in spirit as is God. Have faith. Keep going. Keep breathing.

Remember what she said to are the strong one. Strong people cry too Lori.

I am so glad you have Mica to talk to honey. She is such a good sister for you and she genuinely cares. CRY, let the hurt out my daughter.

I am here if you need to talk.
I love you