Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Greatest Inspiration For Becoming a Nurturing and Loving Mother

I would like to introduce my most wonderful, loving, caring, nurturing, gentle, faithful Mother (whom I lovingly and unabashedly call "Mommy"). Her name is Sherry, and her story is one of great trial, salted with a little tribulation, but Sugared with a lot more Triumph! She is the youngest of three, and feisty as all get out! Not to be pushed around. She met my "Daddy" when they were still in high school and for her it was love at first sight, he tends to be a little slow on the uptake so she had to wait till he caught up, which happened after they graduated and he was in the Navy. They met back up while he was on leave and months later they were pregnant! They were married in her 7th month on a short weekend as Daddy had to get back to the ship, Less than 10 days later she ended up in the hospital where she gave birth to my brother, her first born I am told he was gorgeous! Sadly he passed the next day, he was born premature and his little lungs were not fully developed. (She is my very first best friend in the whole wide world and Lord do I wish I was there to comfort her.) She and my father suffered severely, it is something you never get over.

But Hallelujah she had the courage to keep going and got pregnant with me the next November, Nothing stopped this women, and she and I have a special bond to this moment! As a little girl there was nothing I loved more than to watch her beautiful long Black hair sway back and forth, there was no one prettier than my Mommy! She had the most comforting voice and the most beautiful singing voice, I remember crawling up and nestling in her lap, she would pat my back and then rub it in circles, she taught me the importance of touch, .

As I grew up she had to find ways to deal with my extremely rebellious spirit, Poor Poor Mommy , Her beautiful little girl became a back talking know it all, but rather than squash my spirit like a bug she invented new was to curtail my defiance, for example one day at a ripe age of 16 I decided that I was mad and getting the short end of the stick and so I decided to pout and mouth off till I got my way, Instead this is what I got:

A Warning: " Lori Lyn, (with her little finger pointing in my face, which only made me madder) If you don't stop this Right Now I will embarrass you so bad you will never be able to forget it"

I Replied with a hearty "chh" Pugh" ( you know the huffing and the puffing)

She replied " Keep it Up Sister!"

Well of course being as Rebellious as I was I in no time pulled my shenanigans and said something else really snotty.

Sidebar (I love these): Now picture this my mom is exactly 5 feet tall and pretty small, probably 135 lbs and I am 5'2" and 175 lbs: Can you picture it?


She whipped and I mean whipped around put hugged me and put one foot behind me and flipped me back and sat on top of me kissing my face all over and loudly telling me that no daughter as beautiful as I was was going to get away with being Ugly! and she reminded me that God does not like ugly and that I should have listened, and a whole lot of other things I can't remember. What I do remember was laughing so hard I almost tinkled and I couldn't catch my breath.

When I finally did get up, I noticed many people watching and My mom got up, Dusted herself off and said " I bet you will listen to me next time, huh" and Can I tell you to this day she will still say "Lori Lyn Do you need me to kiss your face again?" when she feels the need to reign me in. and I respond "No Ma" and shhhh secretly I crack up at the thought but I have NO doubt she'd do it again!

My mother is everything I have always wanted to be, Loving, gentle, kind, patient, faithful,
( has all the fruits of the spirit!)

She taught me who I want be!

There are so many more stories I can go on for years, and I am sure I will post her stories again. I just wanted to share her with you!




MyKidsMom said...

Okay, this is going to sound strange, but I can't remember what link I clicked on to reach your site; it was something in-common on blogger.

Anyway, your post caught my eye, and I just wanted to say that it is a lovely and moving tribute to your mother. I didn't grow up with my mother; but as a devoted mother myself, I would be supremely happy to have my daughter one day say these words about me. It sounds like the blessings go both ways for you two.

Fete et Fleur said...

Lori! I'm in tears!! What a wonderful tribute to your mother. She seems to be a wonderful and beautiful person. What an incredible blessing to grow up with such a lovely Mommy. And it’s a blessing for your children as well. I'm so glad you still call her Mommy. It’s a very appropriate name for such a nurturing mother.

Blessings! Nancy

Treasure Barn said...

Lori Loo
This is why you are such a bubbly, happy, fun, wonderful person and Mother.

I love this tribute to your Mom.

Love You

nene said...

"Such a Beautiful Tribute!!"

You are who you are, because of your mommy! I love my mommy too! I only wish I was more like her...(that is a post story too..lol.)

Have a wonderful day!