Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spread The Word

My Newest Greatest Friend, Who is much a Kindred Spirit, as there ever was, recently found out that her little Angel, Mila has Autism, They don't know much about the challenges they will face right now but I would like to take the time to Point out a little bit of what I know.

I know Mila has a Family who loves her dearly and will support her in anything she does or needs.

I also know that She has a Mother and Father that Love her because, "She is the Air they Breathe"

I know She has Very handsome and extremely Strong Brothers that will always be Hers!

I know that She has Aunties and Uncles that Pray for her and her family often.

I know that Her mother is exceedingly Devoted to the well being of her children and will always fiercely protect them.

I know that She has a Daddy , Who would rather take on all her hurts and fears and struggles on himself , rather than witness one tear drop.

And The Greatest Truth I know is that She was Created by the Most High, and he Called her by name before even her Mommy and Daddy knew she would come, he knows every hair on her head by Number and He has already seen Her Triumphs and Victory's.

That is what I know and that is what my heart wanted you to know.

I want to spread the word, I want to be one that gathers information of hope and triumph, I want the Weston's to know that I am here and I will try to help in anyway possible to get Information on How to help in anyway possible.

I want Mila to know I am praying for her.

Love and Blessings,

Lori Garbarino


nene said...

"Ok, as I wipe away my tears...

you are so sweet and thoughtful, to write such an encouraging, heartfelt, and very profound post.

Lori, you have a very big heart for thinking of us!! This was so touching!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mica and I are so very lucky to have you, "well...I was going to say SIL", but I am your SIC,

remember; Sister In Christ!!

Love you!

nene said...

I also want to say,

I am so lucky to have YOU and Mica in my life as well as Patti all of you are such an anchor. I know I have support from all of you.

God has blessed me richly to have the connection for such amazing family, friends that seem like family through Christ and love.

Thank you again, you have really touched my heart;-))


Fete et Fleur said...

Beautiful post Lori! My prayers are witht hem as they walk this road.

Hugs! Nancy

Treasure Barn said...

What a wonderful post.
We are pretty lucky to have met the Weston's right?

You are such a great friend to her.
Prayers are said daily for Mila and her wonderful family.
Love You