Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm A winner @ Love Conquers All

I am a winner at Love Conquers All, This is my first time winning and I am so excited.
Here are my awards!

What I have really won is a Great Friendship with someone who is, Gentle, Kind, Loving and a wonderful listener!

This is the other half of my prize, My Blank button, to do whatever I want to with it, I am feeling a collage coming on, What a great Idea Nene, I can't wait to see what other bottons you create!


I look forward to our daily discussions! I thank God each day for you! and I am so thankful for my awards!



Don't forget everyone is a winner at LOVE CONQUERS ALL, make your way over the and collect the goods! even if you didn't sign up!


Nene said...

I adore you. I enjoy our new friendship as well as we are getting to know each other. It is all so refreshing to my soul Lori!!

Thank you more then anything for making my one year blogging so very special. It has been FUN!!

Nene said...

Oh sorry sweetie,
Love you!!

PS.(maybe I should go back to!)

Nene said...

"Oh yeah, don't forget Lori, the blank one of Audrey with no words on her is for you too!! And spread the word, that others can pick this up at my blog as well for their own Art;-))

Have a beautiful Weekend SIC!!