Saturday, April 19, 2008

History Came to Life Today~!

Today we had the imense pleaseure of attending a Civil War Re-Inactment at St. Catherines Military Academy. It was so Awesome, First of all I was so intrigued by the Military Academy and all the cute little boys dressed in their uniforms, Second of all I love the Nuns! they actually had in their Habits, no they didn't look like the Nuns in Sister Act, but since I am not Catholic this was something new for me to see first hand. Hey I just learned that their is a Mother Superior House on the campus of St. Joseph and I am totally intrigued.

Okay bak to the Civil War, D'Angelo, Donovan and I were so excited because We are all in to history, My hubby and I are so happy that our child enjoys it also. Plus this also completes a requirement for Cub Scouts. There were people dressed as union and confederate soldiers, Women dressed in beautiful Dresses, Tents set up like encampments. Here are some pictures:

The Union Soldiers gathering for the re-inactment.

The Confederate side gearing up.

The Cannons made your innards shiver. haha They were so loud!!!

The Rifles were really loud too.

Uh Oh Some men were shot down,

Hospital Tents?!

A School teacher, Look she even has her bell.

Look Donovan is meeting President Abraham Lincoln, That the same Quilt that I have on my bed, I didn't know that they had ABC distributing then, hehe

We attended a meeting of the American Anti Slavery Society.

One of my favorite dresses.

Union Camp

Confederate Camp

When we got home Donovan immediatly went and rounded all his supplies and set out a cape, swords, guns and odds n ends for him an daddy to re - inact war at home. It was so precious and Very imanginative of him, you will see what I mean.
They are marching to Battle with our countrys flag to lead them.

Fixing Gloves Do you see Dadd'y Sword! ( i love this man!)

The Fight rages on

Hand to hand combat! (daddy also has his cape on)

Daddy is trying to get Donovan to act dead so that he can shoot daddy as he sneaks up, Donovan figured this tactic out quick!

Hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did, I have to say that I love my husband and son so much and am thankful that I could share this with them.



Doreen said...

Hi Lori. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello :) and thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures..gosh...I could look at them all day....that dress...OH MY beautiful!!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and Donovon seems like he really enjoyed himself..that is wonderful.

Take care

Treasure Barn said...

This looks like such fun. I went to see one like this in St Louis one year I went with Alan to a swap meet. It was so fun.

Donovan is so cute and looks like his is just having a great time with Daddy and how cute Daddy is to play civil war with him.

Love you all so much

Nene said...

Everything looks so fun Lori!! I love seeing pictures like this when it's just Good'ole family time. What a lovely day you all had.

I just love that DRESS..."Goodness" I want!!

Great pictures you shared Lori!!