Wednesday, April 16, 2008

These are the Days

I enjoy this opportunity to meet wonderful people and artists, I love each and every blog I list on my link list,( if your not on my list yet hang tight because I have a new list to add) anyways, I am so excited because this has grown beyond my wildest imagination, I started Blogging as a way to connect with my sister in law Mica @ Garboodles Soup and I have now since realized I am doing it more for myself than ever and I have really found my Voice! Many people inspire me, so stay tuned you may find yourself as a Higlighted Blog Buddy! That being said.........

I have found a wonderful new blogging friend, Some of you may know her already. I was so blessed when I came across her page, She has Beautiful Children, Wonderful Heartfelt Stories, and She is a very Talented Artist. I WILL BE COLLECTING HER WORK!

Please take the opportunity to visit her blog and look at her artwork! My Most favorite one is Madame Bunny. She has a very wonderful story and I feel like Madame Bunny represents our roles as Wives to the tee. I just love this beauty!

Don't we look alike (I wish) hehe I just love her eyes they are so humble and steady!

She has a home with someone who loves her dearly, You really must go and read her story. She can be found at


Thank you so much for allowing me to post about you and your work. I look forward to getting to know you more!


Lori Garbarino


Nene said...

"Oh I love her work, it is fabulous and so is she!!" I just met her too through you;-)) Thank you so much for posting about her work.

I love it too!


Victorian Lady said...

Wow Lori! :)

Thank you so much! Your post is beyond sweet! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more too! :)