Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here is my second painting, I will now be keeping an art journal (small) with me at all times so I can jot down Ideas,Thanks Nancy. When I was at the grocery store today all I wanted to do was jot down ideas!

anyways I call the first Painting " A QUIET STRENGTH" and this one I call "LOVE IS PATIENT"
Looks like I am starting a collection for Mothers day.

I have named the Pictures but not the Girls, Any suggestions?




Victorian Lady said...

You're beyond sweet, but I think your paintings are even sweeter! :) I'm so happy for you that you are starting this new adventure!

I know what you mean about coming up with ideas everywhere...I think it's fun to see where the ideas come from. The most simple thing can be the inspiration for something really special!

To answer your question, I paint my girls on cardstock. I bought some acrylic paper, but it feels like plastic and has lots of grooves. Then I mount with mod-podge or gel medium onto wood. Sometimes I use scapbook paper in the backgrounds. Layering is fun. :)

You go girl! I finally got to do some today and will have my Alice up soon. :)

I'm glad to know you! :)


Mica Garbarino said...

yay!!! So nice to see you creating. Remember when I atarted making dolls and you made some too... way back when... I am so glad to see you create things... Very sweet like you !!! Love ya, Mica

Treasure Barn said...

For some reason the name Martha comes to mind...she looks like a Martha...very very cute. Good Job!

You have the first 2 pages for your first art journal !

Love You