Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dream Homes

I live in So California, in a town rich with History, I have a love of old homes, The older the better, and as a past time my DH and I would drive around my favorite neighborhoods and just soak in all the beautiful architecture, I made up silly catagories for my favorite houses and I will share them with you:

Mailbox houses= houses that are small cozy, and rich with Vintage style

Birdhouses=houses that are a little bigger and greatly adorned, but quaint and home all the same.

It's hard to see but I consider my house a cross between a mailbox and a birdhouse. hehe

Drunkhouses=houses that surely the architect and the builder were drunk or worse when they built them.

I have only a few examples right now to show you but I will soon take more pictures so you can see what I mean




Treasure Barn said...

Nice song
I am so glad you love my son. I think he feels the same way about you Lori...how can he breath with no air?

It is too late for either of us to be up.
I am going to bed now.

Love You all

Fete et Fleur said...

Your hubby must be loving this song!

The photos brought back do many memories of So Cal for me.

Thank you!

Treasure Barn said...

I like the pink house. It is really cute.
So are you working on your next painting?

Love You

Victorian Lady said...

Cute houses Lori! What I wouldn't do for a little bit of architecture around here! If you ever want to see rows and rows of stucco, you could always come visit me! lol My dream home has a wrap around porch. I came close to buying one a few years ago, yellow with white woodwork, but the inside was like a maze! The bedroom had one or more doors on every wall! How do you work with that? :) At least that's what I tell myself to try and forget that the outside was PERFECT!

My Alice in Wonderland is up on my blog if you care to see! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)