Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am feeling attacked!

I feel like I am under attack! I am a Christian Wife and Mother and I also have to work outside of my home. The key word is I HAVE to work outside of my home. I have not "bought" into Feminism or it's way of thinking not even one bit! I do read the scriptures and I don't see or feel the condemnation from the Lord, because I am unable to stay at home, But in some circles my "Choices are totally frowned upon". Because that is what people think, I have made this choice. That couldn't be farther from the truth! I have begged on more than one occasion to give up everything in order to stay home, But for us it just wasn't fees able.

I totally support Being and Stay at Home Mom, I encourage it whenever possible, for it is all I have ever wanted!

But I can't help feel the stab of pain in my heart when I hear someone say that the fact that a Woman is staying home means that she is following God's Word. So then Does that mean that I am not? Am I any less a mother because I have to work outside the home? When you Think of me or hear me talking do you think to yourself " Her Child doesn't matter to her because She works outside the home? Does working outside the Home negate the work I do in the home?

I feel like no one sees what I do as glorifying the Lord! I know that I shouldn't care what anyone thinks because I am working out my own salvation with fear and trembling, but I still hear the spoken and unspoken comments, or I feel the disapproval from others who have the Luxury of staying home, and chose not to have simple compassion for the one who has to do it all.

I just want to note that I have lot's of Stay at Home Mom Friends and Family who understand my heart and know where I am coming from and they support and lift me up when I need it, and wouldn't even think of treating me differently or Heaping a huge helping of guilt on my head because I am unable to stay at home, I totally appreciate that! Just to name a few, My sister in law (sister) Mica, my friends Jeanenne, know my heart and are sensitive to my plight and I love them for it.

My, Mom IL Patti, know where I am coming from literally because she had the same duty! I appreciate that She always tells me I am a great mom! I truly Adore You, Patricia (Can you hear Alan saying it! hehe)

A radio show I have been listening to has got me all fired up because, Thier comments left no room for an other way, and that Hurt!

I love my child, and My future Children and I will make sure they are always taken care of and never left to feel I love them less!

I am praying that the Lord heals my hurts and helps me find my way through this time in my life. He has been showing me all I do take care of and I have to say I am proud and happy to work this hard for my family.

Thank you for listening to my rant, and know I appreciate you all!

Lori Garbarino


Treasure Barn said...


You are a very good Mother and I know how much you would love to stay home and home school Donovan. I know first hand what it is like to HAVE to work. I would have loved to have been able to stay home and home school my three sons but it was not possible in my case and it did not mean I didn't love or care for my children. I did love and care for my children that is why I worked, to help give them a just above poverty life.

You should stop listening to that program that is making you hurt. Some people are able to home school and that is a wonderful thing if you are financial able to stay home to do this but it doesn't have anything to do with how much you love your children.

Granted, there are a few Mom's that look forward to sending there children to school even if they don't work using the public schools as baby sitters just to "get a break from the kids for awhile". I know you are NOT one of these people and so do your family and friends.

End the attack you are feeling right now. Stop listening to whatever it is that is making you feel this way. They are wrong!

Love You Much

nene said...

"What is most important here is....

GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART, MOTIVES AND REASONS for you having to work!! HE UNDERSTANDS. As long as you got him knowing your heart and pain, he will love you and lift you up my friend!!


"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might"....
Ecclesiastes 9:10

So, you are Pleasing the Lord, He understand your situation. He also knows the desires of our/(YOUR) hearts.

"I agree with your mom, stop listening to whatever is making you feel that way!!"


Mica Garbarino said...

You know how I feel. I talked with you last night !!! Love and prayers to you dear sister !!

Hugs, Me

Doreen said...

Lori, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this issue right now. God gives us each our own path to follow, not that of others. We all do what we must in the world of today, you are doing what is best for your family and people should not judge you because of it.

Stop listening to those who are making you question yourself.