Sunday, March 16, 2008


From left to Right; Lisa,David,Mica,Tony,D'Angelo and Me The Garbarino North,South and East.

I would like to extend a great big WELCOME to my sister in Law, Lisa Garbarino form Heart and Soul. She joins us from Henderson, Nevada and I am so happy to have her with us! In Lisa you will find a beautiful spirit! She is also What I call a Keeper of the Heart, She would literally give you the shirt off her back, and I must confess she has given me more!. Thank You for that!.

She is an amazing Wife and Mother of 4 gorgeous children, and is a grandmother to 3 beautiful babies! (I'll let her tell you about them!) She has a knack for interior decorating, Just like my MIL Patti from Treasure Barn, I bet that's why they get along so well! She also is my scrapping buddy and just got her own CRICUT machine. I can't wait to see what she does with it! You will soon see!

Lisa, I am so excited to have on here with us girls it's like our own Garbarino Club!

Your loving Sister,

Lori Garbarino

PS: This Girl makes a MEAN Pot of Chili!!!!!


Treasure Barn said...

Great welcome for our Lisa. I just know she is going to love blogging.
Good Job Lori
Love Ya

nene said...


Congratulations to your SIL for joining up with "OUR WORLD!!" She will have fun!!

Sorry, I missed your call. Ty was gone all weekend on a First Aid Training at Sac. State Collage. So when he came home, we were just having some catching up family time.

I want to talk to you lovely lady!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What an introduction!! Isn't she lucky to have such good support. Thanks for stopping by. You will definitely be in my prayers. I know it's possible to do so hang on to your faith.