Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Donovan's First Sleep Over

Last night Donovan went to his first sleep over. You should have seen him getting ready, He packed His 2 blanky's, Storm Trooper soft doll, his McDonald's stop watch that doesn't keep time well, Baby (his elephant he has had since birth, a change of clothes and his pillow. Yes, I reminded him that he needs his toothbrush.

He was going to stay the night at my sisters house, 7 minutes away at best. Oh, the Joy The were going to sleep in Geeka's bed (Geeka is my niece Miranda's nickname given to her by Donovan when he was 2) and Play with Anastasia, My 18 month old precious baby niece.

Daddy and I couldn't quite make it without seeing him at all for 24 hours so as we were trying to come up with a reason to show up, I smartly and quickly realized that "HE FORGOT JAMMIE'S".
now we all know that he could have slept in Uncle David's Tee shirt and been fine but this provided the best reason to "Show up". so we went there and gave big kisses and hugs and went on our way.

We got home and to be honest the house was way to quiet, T.V. is not that fun without the distraction, The only thing I can say that was nice was having an uninterrupted conversation with my hubby.

I got a couple of calls between 8 and 9:45, He was having a hard time falling asleep, one time he even cried, but he was very insistent "HE DID NOT WANT TO COME HOME!" I almost begged....

the last phone call I got was at 10:00 and my wonderful sister told me that this baby gets a A++ for effort but that he just couldn't sleep, So I packed up and went to sleep overnight with them, so that he would have to "ABORT THE MISSION"

We slept in the guest Bedroom and 5 minutes after getting in the bed He was out like a Light! I sighed a Big Huge Sigh if relief, My baby's not quite ready to leave the nest and I cuddled right in and snoozed right along with him.

Thank you Lord for this Little Man you have given to me, for I know my purpose in this life! Amen


One More Funny thing, at 10:30 I just couldn't resist calling Gramma (Patti @ Treasure Barn Blog) to tell her this funny story, She just cracked up and told me to hug and kiss her baby for her.


Doreen said...

Good morning Lori. What a great story. I remember several trips out to get my son, my daughter was always the brave one. Your son looks like a little cutie and you are soooo sweet to go over and stay with him so he would not have to come home.

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way....and I loved your Maple story...and don't feel silly...A LOT of people have no idea how it is made.


nene said...

"It's just not the same without our little one's...uh?" Even, if it is nice to have "some alone time", it hurts to have our children gone.

This was such a cute and sweet story Lori, "there is no place like MOM!!"


Anonymous said...

How sweet Lori! I love it. It's been so long since mine were that little. It's nice to be reminded of those times/

Mica Garbarino said...

well he tried. I'll give him taht. maybe next time will go better. Love ya all. Mica

Treasure Barn said...

Hope his sleep over was a good one after all.
Thanks for sharing all that you do about him. I miss being close and it really is appreciated. It makes me feel like I am there and not missing out on to much except for the HUGS AND KISSES.
Love that he calls me Grama Roosterlbtfv