Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I had a Creative Weekend.

This Weekend I made my 2nd collage and my 2nd ATC. I had so much fun and I am not even sure if I am doing it right. I am having a ball.

I am also going to make matching Christmas Aprons For my mom, sister and I to wear while we make Christmas dinner. Very exciting.

What have you all been up to? Can't wait to hear.

The Pink is my ATC, I just enlarged it so you could see it. Early frost is my Collage, It is set on the most beautiful glittered paper, it inspired me.

Have a Wonderful Day


red tin heart said...

I really liked your creations. I think it is neat that you are making Christmas Aprons. xoxo Nita

Lori Garbarino said...

Thank you so much for the kind post, I will post pictures of the aprons soon. How is your husband.
You are in my prayers..

My Treasure Barn said...

Lori you are doing great and the best part is that you are having fun! Keep up the good work. What a neat idea to do aprons.

Love Ya
Mama Chickki