Monday, September 7, 2015

There is Power In the Name of Jesus

Several weeks ago, I answered a call for help and found myself waiting in an extremely dark and dangerous place, even in the illumination of the sun, this place remains dark. I sat watching people walking in and out, outwardly and visibly broken in so many ways, hopelessness, pain and anger hung in the air like a curtain. Bondage was the cloak many wore, and you could see the heaviness in the way they walked.

I waited......

I couldn't concentrate on the book I brought, there was just so much to see, it wasn't lost on me what a great place of ministry this is, I was completely alone, waiting and watching, hoping that an opportunity would arise, I saw many people wander in and out, in and out.

A man sat down, farther down on the bench, he was different, he had business, he dropped off his delivery and sat down to make a phone call, I made small talk about his delivery and he showed me some battle wounds, he made the comment that he was lucky because it could have been worse, I stated "That's Jesus" and I gave thanks to him for keeping this man safe, He asked me if I was a believer, to which I replied yes, and without Jesus I  would have nothing and I would be nothing. The whole time we were having a conversation people just continued to walk in and out, in and out, Some became familiar as if they couldn't leave. This gentleman and I continued our conversation about the amazing God we serve, He shared his story about his young daughter dying and how God led them into this new line of business upon her passing. He was a sweet spirit, and this really was the right job for him. We finished up our conversation as he needed to go in and complete his business, but before he left he graciously gave me some needed advice, I am so grateful.

Once this gentleman left, a different man approached, I had seen him as one of the People going in and out, in and out. as he approached, he said his name was "Mike" and he stated that he had overheard my conversation with the gentleman before and that the way we spoke about God was beautiful, he asked if I would continue to talk to him about Christ. I happily obliged, You see there is no one else I would love to talk about then the love of my life, My God and Savior Jesus Christ. He sat a respectable distance away and as I continued to share, he asked if he could move closer, I agreed, and he moved closer, but there was still appropriate distance between us, He made a comment "I need your energy" that was a strange thing to say, but I continued, He moved closer and asked If I would pray for him, I asked him if he wanted to make Jesus the Lord of his life and He stated yes.

Here is where it begins to turn........... I prayed with him, with my eyes open, He repeated after me and seemed sincere, but my spirit was on edge, literally I had begun praying in my head for safety, I realized that the people coming in and out had slowed down to a trickle, that there were people around, but if something went down, there were fewer people around to help me. My prayers increased.

The Enemy began showing his hand...... The man moved closer, and I asked him to back up, he did, but then he moved closer and stated " I want to take you away from here and use you" In my head I was praying so big, I knew I was in trouble, that if this goes down, I was on my own and I we would both go down, but I was going to get hurt. this was all happening in a split second....

My spirit rose up and I heard the voice in my head saying "Stay Gentle and Calm" I heard it three times and I said I am not leaving here, He calmed down and then tried to get me to talk about God again, I stayed calm and then, He grabbed my hands, I was saying "There is Power in the Names of Jesus" right as he grabbed my hands, I calmly yet firmly with my hand up said "No! Do not touch me!" at the moment my hand went up, He jumped as if being thrown back....... There was a look of confusion on his face and he left so fast. It was supernatural, literally, something pushed him back.

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower, The righteous run in to it and they are saved.

As the day came to an end, the realization of the situation sank in, His name was not "Mike", he had overheard me say to the other man that I was waiting for "Mike."  Once I realized this, I cried and cried and Thanked the Lord, for his protection over my life.

I will still continue to answer the calls for help, and I will continue to share of the goodness of my Lord, There really is power in the named of Jesus!

Thank you father for your love and protection.

With Love, Lori