Monday, June 20, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone.......

These last 6 months have literally been CRAZY......... I have been sick with a aweful upper respiratory infection every 2 weeks for the last six months. The doctor says I need to turn my brain off......... ANY SUGGESTIONS????????

We moved to our new daycare and today was the GLORIOUS 1st day! Thank you Jesus! h found us a family of 400 to love and support us.

God has taken my ministry to the next level, I am ministering to so many different situations, i got to pray with a homeless man the other day, such an Honor, I am spending more time with the children from the daycare and Oh Lord! I love them, I have a 2nd job and it's amazing.

My child is amazing as always, Very loving and very supportive. He takes his role as the "Man of the House" very seriously, almost too seriously I have to remind him I am the Mom and he's the child, But only every once in a while.

Here are some random pictures in no order... How are all of you?

Hehe..... You can take it two ways..... It was for me on the day of my divorce 03/17/2011... it kept me laughing...... Don't judge, I needed it... :)

My Baby and I

So handsome  :)

His 1st school play, Last week, He's growing so fast!

My sister and I, She make my heart sing!

Captain! What are you thinking!

My first Christmas Tree decorated just how I wanted and All of it was mine! Also White lights!!!!!




pchickki said...

Love your post Lori
I always love to hear what you have to say
The Game over poster is a crack up
The photos are wonderful
I sure hope you start to feel better real soon.
Congratulations on your new day care
Love you

Alex Raveon said...

just sending my love, good hearts are still all around us