Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There is so much going on in my little mind. Do you still want to hear about it? Are you ready to know what is in this heart? Can you see me and can you hear me? Am I normal? Are my emotions too much to handle? Do I bother you? Do you only want to know the good? Am I allowed the bad?

How do I do this? Where do I go? Why? Who am I? Did I do something wrong? Is it me? Do I smell? Am I worthy? Will I ever feel loved again? Will I be cherished? Was I ever? Did I ever know you? Do I even know me? Will you protect me? Is this true? What is my purpose? Am I doing what is right?

Am I strong? Can I do this? Are you with me? Am I pretty?

Dear Lord,

I look to you, I surrender it all to you. I am broken, a cracked vessel, mold me and make me true, I give you my life, a living sacrifice, Give me the words to say, that I might Glorify you in all I do and say. Keep my eyes turned to you. Restore unto me the Joy of my salvation. I lay me down. protect me and use me, Teach me and fill me. Protect my child, shield him from the world when I am not with him, Shield him from the outside influences, protect and guard his mind, I praise you and I love you! Thank you for delivering my from my personal Egypt.

Change his heart O God, Save him and forgive him, Let him only desire you. Let there be no bitterness in my heart towards him. Let love abound. Protect my heart, Rule my life.

In the Name of Jesus,



Mica said...

I can't find the words to say dear Sister... I have sat here for a few minutes starting to type then erasing it then typing and erasing. It just sounds silly maybe.... But God loves you, you are His and only He can fill your empty heart, only He can Heal the broken heart... I am so happy that you are looking to Him during this bad time in your life...but it truly can be good... and it will be in time. In God's time. Want to me when you need a shoulder because you know mine is always here for you. Hugs and love to my sweet Nephew. We are looking forward to having you over again...Love ya dearest Sister/ Sister in Christ, Mica

Patti said...

My heart bleeds for you sweetie.
Tears are falling right now. When my children hurt, I hurt.

I know it has been the hardest time of your life but I also know that your faith in the Lord will carry you through and you will be a stronger person .

Look to the future, a new happy future and put the pain and past behind you.

You amaze me Lori Loo. I love you so deeply my daughter