Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day Six

Hello everyone! Days 4-6 have been harder than the beginning, I am not in as much pain and can move around a little better but I am still very uncomfortable! I have been having a hard time sleeping, Which I am sure will get better once I go back to work!.

The positives are that I am not having terrible cravings, However I am having some, I am craving Grilled Chicken and Tomatoes and Grilled onions! Not too bad right! Monday I will be able to Have pureed food (Grilled Chicken Pureed) so I am totally totally excited!

My Brother and Sis in Law came to visit us today and hang out, This is a wonderful distraction and I am thankful to have them on my side in this fight. They are wonderful support and they love me very much! Or at least that's what they tell me! HAHA!

I am still very thankful that I had this procedure and I am happy to comply with the diet, Tonight was a true test as the family had my favorite Pizza and Garlic Bread, It was pretty hard, I took the advice of a good friend and sucked on a piece of garlic bread, I am sure you agree that is totally un lady like but It took away the craving and I didn't swallow on calorie! This will not be a habit but it helped tonight!

Thank you for all the support!



P.S. My precious son told us all today that he really wants us to have a Family Reunion! How cute is that! He is so proud to be part on the Garbarino/Green families! It amazes me what 7yr olds ponder!


Patti said...

I am so proud of you Lori.
You did spit out the buttered garlic didn't you? You are such a good girl!
Keep it up. you are on your way to a brand new wardrobe!
Love you sweetie

Raechelle Ivy said...

Need a new update??? I am curious!!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you!! So proud, you're almost to the finish line... Love always, J