Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have been tagged!!!

My Wonderful Mother In Law Patti @ Treasure Barn blog tagged me to name 5 things I am addicted to so here goes!

1. I am addicted to coffee, I love the Sweet Smell!

2. I am addicted to Facebook, I love checking in with people I know and I have gotten in touch with so many people from my past!

3. I am addicted to my son and his precious voice, I love his opinions even when I havn't asked, I live the comments that are flying out of his little mouth. Yesterday he told me I was "Outrageous!" Can you believe it?

4. I am addicted to blogging and the art I find on it!

5. I am addicted to Books, I love to lose my self in a great romance novel and live vicariously through the Heroine!

There that's my addictions!




Patti said...

I am addicted to you Lori
I love reading your blog and I love talking to you. You always make me laugh and you are such a fun loving person. No wonder my grandson is such a character!

Love you all