Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Wonderful Random Things!

I found this really precious picture of my little boy when he was 2 years old, We had just moved to Las Vegas and he went to his very first Daycare @ Kids R Kids. He loved it here, He is a very social child so anytime he can play with friends his age he is very happy. On day he was playing extra hard and tuckered himself out so he decided to rest..... this picture was taken by his teacher through her laughter! She said when she saw him there he was fast asleep and actually napped there for awhile, One of the others teachers ran and got a camera and took a picture for me.
This is another favorite picture because once again he is fast asleep and look who is with him, none other than "Baby" Herself. she has been his constant companion ever since he came home from the hospital.
This is my precious little man Who I love so dearly, Can you see Why?




Patti said...

Very cool Lori I love the new look for the holidays and I love the pictures of Donovan. He is so special and sweet.
Love you

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