Sunday, August 10, 2008

A New Year

I turned 35 on Monday and for the first time in my life I wasn't excited about having a birthday. I can hear this clock ticking so loud now, I am struggling, Struggling with everything I want to be and everything I am not. I tend to do this, for some odd reason I am never really comfortable just being here. Here is actually where I want to be, I just want to be better.

I wish I were a better Christian, housewife, mother, wife, and friend. I have always believed in setting personal goals, Mine are always the same (see above) So I wonder why I never give me a break, My husband, God Love him, says I am wonderful, and that my housekeeping skills are better than ever, but I don't feel like it.

I remember having a long talk with my MIL before I married her son, We always had super long talks, this one was me telling her my dream of being the perfect housewife, it went something like this: " I can not wait to have my own home, with a place for everything and nothing out of place"

Sounds normal and easy right!!! Wrong!!! I am a clutter bug!! through and through so that means I always have books next to me on the couch, next to my bed, Art magazines everywhere, My art corner is cluttered right now!

So as you can tell this is bothering me right now. So this year I have decided to work on this very issue! I will set a schedule, and keep this ship spic and span!

I will pray more and read my bible more.

I will be a better Mommy to my son, which is not hard because I just adore him!

I will be a more attentive wife and strive to anticipate his needs.

I will be a better friend to my self in order to be a better friend to others!

Maybe 35 won't be so bad!



Raechelle Ivy said...

Hey friend!!
Have you read Elizabeth George's A Woman After God's Own Heart???
I led a Bible/book study about this book this summer at church. AND WOW!!! It is exactly what you just blogged about today!!!
I highly recommend it! We are not perfect, and the ideas and challenges in this book would make us the perfect woman. So we pick and choose and to the best!!!

Patti said...

Lori you are such a wonderful person inside and out. I just know you will achieve these goals along with your weight loss goal.
I am supporting you 100% .

Love you Loriloo
Keep up all the wonderful work you do. Don't ever doubt yourself! You can do all of these things.
God Bless Your Sweet Heart

Mica said...

well said dear sister of mine. It was great talking the other day... and making plans for all the hanging out we may be doing real soon !!! I cannot wait to see you and be close to you and Daonavan oh yeah and that guy Dangi over there... him too !! Ha Ha just kidding... well hey.. much love to ya !!! see ya real soon ya hear !!! Mica

Anonymous said...

I don't think 35 will be bad for you after all you have the support of our creator. All you have to do is put your heart and sincere effort into what you do. He loves you.