Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Favorite Movies...........

One of my favorite movies is My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!!!! I was watching the Food Network show Diner, Drivins, and Dives and they were featuring the cutest little cafe in Seattle call Voula's Offshore Cafe and I fell in love, Not only does the food sound great but the atmosphere is wonderful! It made me think of my one of my favorite movies. I immediatly emailed Mica, Because they live in the Seattle Suburbs and I hope they check it out!

I love Greek Food!!!
Did I mention I love Greek Food!!!! I will be watching this movie this weekend for sure!




Jeannene said...

"Oh I love this Movie too, it is hilarious!!!" Great choice for a classic funny film!


Treasure Barn said...


How funny. This is the place that Alan and I wanted to meet Tony and Mica for breakfast last year when we went to Renton to Sam's Club but they had church and couldn't meet us. I think Tony had a sermon that day.

I took pictures and posted about it on my blog last year. I swear you are my daughter....we think to much alike.

I sent you and Mica an Email about this. It a wonderful place to eat and the service is A+++ the food is delicious and the people are so friendly.

You picked a good one to post about Lori Loo.

Love You

Fete et Fleur said...

I LOVE MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING TOO!! I'm so glad that you are able to get my blog again. You made me hungry with this post. I'm off to have a snack.

xx Nancy