Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet and a Light unto my Path

I would like you to meet a young man who is not afraid to talk about Jesus to his friends and has the boldness to pray in front of others. One of his most precious characteristics is tending to the hearts of others. This week as our family has gone through a hard time my Little Man of God has been such a Light to his father and I. Last Friday night as my husband and I sat greiving for the coming loss of our Dear Gramma Grape This little man quietly placed his hand on his fathers arm and prayed a prayer close to this: "Dear Lord, Thank you for this night, Thank you for this food and please heal my daddy's heart, please make Gramma Grape comfortable and heal her body, In the name of Jesus, Amen" This prayer is so dear to me and my husband because he put every prayer he knew into it, Thank you for this night is the start of our bed time prayers, Thank you for this food is the start of our Dinner prayer and the rest ins straight from his heart. (This happened at about 10:00 at night and we were not eating)

I am so happy to see my sons first reaction is to pray! Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and thank you for these glimpses of what we are doing right.

Thank you all for your Prayers!

Lori Garbarino

I have included older favorite, pictures of Booney (nickname) because I love them all!


Jeannene said...

Too adorable!! What a smile to light up the world!! You lucky mommy you!


Anonymous said...

How sweet. You truly are lucky. I pray he holds on to that passion.

Mica said...

Love ya sweet Nephew !!! He is so cute !! I could squeeze him all over. thanks for calling the other night always good to talk to you. We sure missed you in Idaho. But you were there in spirit and heart !!!!


Treasure Barn said...

That's my baby! He is so sweet and 100% true to his thoughts.
I love you my Donovan