Saturday, March 22, 2008

INTRODUCING..............Dave Garbarino from Just Kickin

He's The one in the Middle! Handsome huh!

I am so excited to introduce to you My brother In Law, Dave Garbarino from Just Kickin !!! This is Lisa's(Heart n Soul) very wonderful husband, Patti (Treasure Barn Blog) wonderful, handsome son. And my very own Brother! He comes to us all the way from Las Vegas and I am so excited because he is very adventurous and Has a vast amount of stories to tell, Which I personall Love!

He also is a great cook, A master Mechanic!, a Great Friend, and Wonderful Barbecuer, An Awesome father and A great Brother!

Love you Brother and glad to have you here!

Love ya



Treasure Barn said...

What a handsome guy! He look familiar!
So do the other handsome guys and the house.
Love You Lori Loo