Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2nd Trip to Disneyland in one month

I was so sad that you couldn't see our faces

I was just recently Blessed by a great friend with tickets to Disneyland for the 2nd time in one month. We had the greatest time. Donovan was just beside himself! The Lord is so good to my family!

I will post some fun pictures, but first I must explain something, I LOVE FOOD, Those of you that know me are agreeing but for those of you who don't you will soon see. Just before going to Disneyland we stopped by El Pollo Loco to fill up our tanks, and I got the BRC Burrito and one Taquito, No biggy. I just love the Avacado Salsa there and of course couldn't eat without it. We pulled up to the Parking structure and put the car in park and had our lunch, I was extremly careful eating my burrito, but as I dove into my taquito the Green Avacado Salsa Dove on to me! Oh, and did I mention Of course! I was wearing a White Tee Shirt, Yes! folks, a White Tee Shirt. So having said all that you will see that I had to wear my newly stained GREEN and White tee shirt around all day! Nothing says Glutten like my lunch all over my shirt.



Fete et Fleur said...

Hello Lori! Thank you for the lovely comments on the fairies. Unfortuanely, my talent does not extend to making these little beauties.

Isn't God good! So excited He is blessings your socks off.

Blessings! Nancy

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hi Lori, Happy Valentine's Day! Great pictures, looks like a wonderful time :D :D Don't feel bad, I usually wear everything I consume too, that's why most of my clothes are dark LOL

My Treasure Barn said...

Well it sounds like you really had a good time so forget the stain.
Love You
Mama Chickki