Sunday, October 21, 2012

Riley's Farm Part one..............

My sister and I love to pack the kids in the car and travel around So Cal and sight see, We don't get to as much anymore because we have all been affected by the economy, so it makes it even more special than ever to be able to do something like this. I have been going through alot lately and so has my sis, so we decided to blow off the cobwebs and go!

Here are the kids in front of the tavern 

 Sissy and I posing for a quick pick
 such a stiking scene don't you think?
 We loved the babling brook and the fallen apples
 I loved how the sun came through the apple tree
 Our littlist prisoner
 Green Apples
 Little Man and I, My is he getting tall!
 I love this Picture!
Baby Girl!

We had a great time, I'll post more pics soon.




pchickki said...

Oh my gosh! Donovan looks so grown up here I had to look twice to see who it was! You are looking beautiful.
Is this the place we went to with Mica and family the year I was out there. Looks like loads of fun!

Keep posting sweetie, you need to visit other blogs to get your friends to know you are back. As soon as they know you will be swamped with comments !
I am ready to do your new banner whenever you are.
Love you !!

Victorian Lady said...

I went to catch up with you and your facebook is gone! :( What happened?
Hope all is well!

Lori Garbarino said...

Hey Mere! I have missed you! I am taking a break from facebook for awhile, it's been crazy around here and I miss being creative, I missed the softer side of life and for that it's my Home, my art and my blog. How are your babies!!!!! I so miss you! Do you still have my email, let's keep in touch!

Love Lori