Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special Visits...............

 Last week I had a very special visit from my Mother In Law, Patti at Treasure Barn Blog, I really enjoyed my time with her and so did Little Man. We first began our visit at my Brother and Sissy in Law's home,which I affectionally call My Safe Place...............  I love them so very dearly and they allowed Little Man and I to share their part of the visit, I have lot's of pictures to share with you but havn't been able to down load yet. Stay tuned, this will be fun. Here are some that My Mother in Law sent me ad I am so happy to share with you.

This is my Precious Sissy, whom I Love so dearly, she is the protector of my heart, a true kindred spirit.
Mica, Patti and I, Mother and Daughters, Fiercly Loyal and ever Loving. Patti has kept her promise to be my mother #2.
My Brother. One of the only Men I can trust, He is my friend, and teacher. A most Devoted Uncle.

My cup runneth over!




Mica said...

O sweet sister...We love you so much and happy we can provide a safe place for you and little man. It was a great visit with you...short....yet sweet. Can't wait for you to come back up to visit the museum with Donovan...he's gonna love it. I love all our talks and times we have shared..I thank God for that and thank Him for you and my dear Nephew.Love the pics....but man I look constipated in the pic with Mama face looks weird!!!Talk to ya soon...hugs dear sista! Me

Patti said...

Mica you are so funny! You look beautiful! I am the one that looks constipated!!

Love you girls

Anonymous said...

Both you and Mica are funny! Lori, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely ATC! I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I've had a horrible cold for about a month and I just haven't been doing anything. Anyway, thanks so much!