Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye to 2010......... Hello to 2011

This year had been a very hard year to say the least, It has been a time of great transition, a death of an era for me, There are so many emotions to face through a time like this, and I realize I am not the only one to go through a time so trying, but it can be so lonely. I thank God that he is Sovereign and knows exactly why I have to go through this.  I look back with amazement really, He chose me........

He chose to deliver me from evil......

He chose me to be the mother of a wonderful child

He had me in mind too when he died for our sins,

He gave me the most wonderful and supportive family ever!

So While this year may have been the hardest year in all my life, It has been a year of tremendous growth and a great reminder that the Lord has a plan for me and he truly will never Leave us or forsake us!

Happy New Year!




Patti said...

I love you so much my daughter and I am so glad 2010 is over. 2011 will be a better year and in all of this you have learned that you are stronger than ever imagined. You are a survivor my daughter.

We are all here for you always. In good in bad in happiness and in sad. We are always here.

God Bless You Sweetheart