Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Best Weekend In Forever!

This weekend was the best weekend in what feels like forever............. This has been a year of EXTREME hardship on my little family but we are making it and doing pretty well. I was so blessed as to have my Sweet Sister  in Law Mica and her two precious children Maestro and Freckles come and hang out with me. My Handsome 16 yr old hero set up my DVD and entertainment center...............Thank you again Maestro and My little miss freckles and little man played for hour and hours..........Thank you Freckles for loving your cousin so much and making memories you'll have for a lifetime. It was amazing to spend some very close time with my sister, We have always been pretty close, but over the last 2 years The Lord has given me such a sweet and sacred friendship.........I love her with all my heart and I love how she cares for me. Thank you Mica! We had the best conversations and the Lord used her to minister to my heart. She sees me and hears every cry of my heart. I am truly blessed.

I am so thankful for all of my Friends and Family, who have stuck by my side,thru many tears and long phone calls, They have laughed, cried, and been angry, with me all the way through. Thank you all

Mica and I from a visit in August

Our Babies, from left to right: Little Man, Maestro and Freckles, they are such great friends

Mica took this picture of me and this is the first time I have felt pretty in a photo in years if ever.

I am truly blessed,


also a special thanks to my Brother Mr. Darling, who lent his precious family to me, I Love you more than you'll ever know!


Mica said...

Oh darlin' I love you and had a great time too...we all did...just so glad the Lord blessed me with such a sweet sister... Hope you can come up reallly soon. I love you both! Me

P.S You are beautiful and I have seen many pretty pics. of you! Feel free to use any of the photos we took at the shop...Hugs, XOXO

Anonymous said...

So glad to seee you smiling! Lori, could you email me your new address since you're my swap partner?