Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Stab at Zentangles..........

Little Man and I had a wonderful day....... It started out by us going to church, Little Man chose the set we sang and did a WONDERFUL job of worshiping the Lord with us, I am still so amazed by how wonderful it is to lead worship with my precious little man.

Then we went out to lunch with our awesome church family, which is always a treat...... Then we came home and cleaned the house, What a chore! but we almost finished our to do list. Thank you Lord! The rest we can finish tomorrow.

The icing on the top of our day was sitting down for an art project. I have been "chomping at the bit" so to speak looking for something creative to do that won't require me to unpack my storage unit to uncover my studio supplies..... I will be moving very soon and then I will have my stuff close to me, but until then......What to do???????

Then I was over at my good friend Vicki's blog hanging out, and I saw her Zentangles, and INSTANTLY was intrigued......... So I went out bought more card stock, ( you really can never have too much) and here is what Little Man and I did............... No Rules just pure fun.

Little Man's First ATC he made this special for his Dad.

Little Man's 2nd ATC, My personal favorite, Those are snowy mountains.

This is my 1st Zentangle

We had such a fun time and we will continue to work on them, lets see if what he comes up with next., He made a special one for Grandma Rooster (Patti from Treasure Barn but you can't see it because it's a surprise!




Patti said...

Totally awesome Lori!!
I am so proud of you.
Donovan.....your rock!!!!!!

Love you guys

DeeDee said...

Lovely Zentangles..I recently did a swap with Vicki for Blissful ATC Swap and I to was so inpired by her Zentangles I had to try when I am bored, I am not.>>>>I zentangle!!...hehehe! I love little mans (this is what I call my grandson) snowy mountains too....and your love is inspiring...