Monday, May 4, 2009

Sneak Peek!!!

Here is a Sneek Peak of my wonderful weekend! I went up to Stockton to Visit Jeanenne and her wonderful Family. I will be back to add more pics

Stay Tuned........




Anonymous said...


I loved it. Can't get over how much fun we all had visiting, laughing, praising God and getting into his word together!! This has bee such a blessing to my soul. There was such a purpose for your visit (as we saw at the Concert) and you are only in that equation my friend...let's be still and see great mighty things to come as we put our trust entirely in him!!!!!

So, when is your next trip???? LOL!!!

Love you sister!! SIC :D

Anonymous said...

..."oh and I truly enjoyed meeting your sister along with you for the very first time!" Although it seemed as though we already knew each other. You two are such beautiful and wonderful woman!! XO