Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Visit with the Westons.... Part 2

This is Tiffine and I at 6:00am. We just got everything in the van and we were heading out. We are unusually bright, So excited to go to the Westons!

We had to stop and freshen up! We stopped 30 minutes away from Jeanenne's

I actually snapped a cute pic of me!!! haha

Here is a grove of Trees we drove by on our way , Breathtaking! I had never seen anything like it!
Until I saw this Vinyard! A sight to Behold!

Tiffine and I at the Concert
Jeanenne ! We had just had Breakfast and an Awesome Devotion to God. We all shared our hearts and What God has done for and with us!
Jeanenne and Tiffine hit it off as well!! One sister by blood Both by the Spirit!!!!
Yeah Tiffine is my Traveling Buddy so we will make that trip often!

Darling Mila! Look at those big brown eyes! She is so precious! My sister and her instantly bonded over Root Beer!

Gabe, Who we affectionatly refer to as "Batman" This boy is such a comedian!
Poor little Jared had to go to school, I will be posting his picture soon, They are on my sisters camera! Love ya Jared ( Bruce Wayne)

We had such a Blast!!!! I can't wait to go back!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures!




Anonymous said...

Lori, this was such a beautiful post!!! I want to have you guys back soon OK. Can't tell you just how much I enjoyed our time together and with the Lord!! Love you much, J

Anonymous said...

....and I have to come back and say, that is a Gorgeous picture of you Lori!!! The one in the Van. Also love how you captured the Orchard of trees and Vineyards. :)

Patti said...

Great photos
You are so pretty Lori

Anonymous said...

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