Friday, April 24, 2009

My Darling Hubby

Well, my poor darling hubby ended up having to go to the hospital On Monday night, He had to be admitted overnight so that he could have round the clock antibiotics. He suffers from chronic cellulitis of the right leg.

When he gets it, he gets it bad. Within 4 hours it went from the size of 2 50 cent pieces together and reached up to his mid calf. The doctors said that we caught it fast this time. Thank the Lord!

Please keep him in your prayers as this medicine make him extremely ill, especially over a long time.

I am so glad that my family has been here to help, I couldn't do it without them, Patti and I talk each night and email all day! I LOVE YOU PATRICIA MARIE KOOSED!!!



P.S. - these are the days that remind us that life is short and fragile and shouldn't be wasted!


Anonymous said...

We certainly are keeping in our prayers. I am so glad you have a close by support sytem to help out. That is so inportant when this occurs and attacks his leg. Praise God, he is their for you Lori!! He will heal him, I am believeing that for your husband. :)

*Looking foward to seeing you this up coming week end. I am rejoicing in my heart to finally be able to meet you and go on this glorious event with you and your sister!! :) Love ,Jeannene

Patti said...

I love you guys too Lori.
I wish I could be there to help take care of him. I know he is not the best patient it the hospital. I will pray as I do every night for the Lord to take away this infection forever.
love You
Thanks for keeping me up to date on everything. I really appreciate it