Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Precious Things That Come Out Of His Mouth!

My husbands family is very proud of thier Italian heritage, Some more than others. We are pretty conservative about it, We are proud but it's not the focus for us. So you can imagine our reaction when upon learning that Donovan's Principle's name is "Italian" Donovan was so excited!

He loves his principle and tells us that they are pretty "Good Friends". When you ask Donovan What makes them good friends he says "We say hello to each other everyday!" Donovan asked him this week if he liked Justin Timberlake! hahaha! We cracked up!.

Anyways now they have something else to talk about. Donovan was so excited that he said going to talk to him about "us both being Italians!"

I love this kid!!!

He told us this week that he wants to be a pastor and he wants to lead devotions at Daycare sometime!

We have so much to be thankful for.




Patti said...

That's my grandson!
What a natural crack up@
I love hin too@

Anonymous said...

These are certainly the kinds of moments that make life so precious!!! OUR CHILDREN...., too cute Lori!! Love you, Jeannene