Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Gift From My Mother In law

I have the best mother in law in the whole world! I have known her since I was the wee age of 16 years old! I loved her from the start, They very first time I met her she hugged me like she had known me forever! We quickly became Best Friends. My own mother has been so happy because she has prayed for this since I was a little girl. Patti, has become more than just a Mother In Law, she is my confidant, Mother In Law seems so in personable to me and it doesn't do our relationship justice. My Mom said she doesn't mind sharing so I refer to Patti as my other Mom or my 2ND Mom, (of course when I am not referring to her as Friend)

I have 2 very wonderful sister in law's, who I know she also loves dearly and I know that they also have a friendship as well. This is a wonderful testament to the wonders of My other Mom and of course The Lord.

I received this in the mail this week and I can not be happier!

This is on of her creations, the lace is a piece off of Gramma Grape's curtain and she wanted to send us a piece of her. I appreciate that and I love this Piece!

This is the picture she transfered!, I just love it! Your technique is awesome and deserves much praise!!!!

Isn't is just gorgeous, if you look closely it is a tranfer of one of my must favorite mommy pictures

Bravo Patrice~~!!!!!


Nene said...

"How sentimental,very special and sweet of Patti." I am so happy for you that you have such a beautiful piece of art that is so close to your Gramma Grape!!

*Patti is so wonderful to create this for you! She is so thoughtful too!


Nene said...

"Oh now I can see the beautiful image of the mother holding her little girl! Or child. Very sweet Lori!! Now that you posted the picture below, you can really notice. It is so warm and lovely to look at!


Victorian Lady said...

Hi Lori :) I love the piece with your grandmother's precious! Thank you for the sweet comment! :) I am so glad you are creating and as long as you have fun, then it is worth while, isn't it? :) I've always been crafty too, but I changed how I look at it after watching Suziblu...have you heard of her? Look her up on youtube. I used to be critical of my stuff too, but she taught me that everyone has the right to play and there is no such thing as bad art. The amazing thing is that when the fear of messing up is gone, when your not focused on the end product, you have more fun and make things you never knew you could.

I'd be honored to be linked :) Thanks! I will link back too. I also just read your comment about wanting to blog about Madame Bunny...that's so sweet! Thank you and go for it! :)

Thanks again for the comment!


P.S. You ARE an artist! Own it! :)

Anonymous said...

How nice to have something precious with good memories attached. I'm glad you have such a good mother-in-law!