Saturday, April 12, 2008

Donovan's Feild Trip

Wednesday I was so blessed to be able to accompany Donovan's class on his first feild trip of the Year. We went to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We had a great time and I really enjoyed being around Donovan and his friends. One of the little boys was quiet and observant and always stuck close, The other was a lot more feisty and I had to keep reminding him to stay close, It was extremely busy with other schools there too. I will share some pics.
The Boys, Aren't the Precious, Look how much bigger Donovan is to the others. He is 4'1" can you beleive it! He is only Six, at ten I will be looking up to scold him!

Spider Crabs
This is one of our favorites spots in the whole place, You can actually pet the stingrays, They are so friendly and they come up out of the water as if they are saying "Pet Me"! They are like little puppies, they swim up to the side and flap their wings! Donovan and his friends just love this.

My Group

A Little Seahorse
Donovan's Favorite Fishy's, Can you guess why?

The Seadragon, She is My favorite, She is pointing down, she is the light colored plant looking object in the middle, Isn't She Grand? If she were my pet I would name her Queenie!

This is a better picture of a Leafy Seadragon from the web, Just Magnificent!

Couldn't resist this precious little Drawing!
This is called a Weedy seadragon, He is Different than the Leafy one but Pretty just the same.

Hope you enjoyed it!




Treasure Barn said...

Wow, that looks like a really cool field trip!
Love the pictures. Especially the ones of Donovan. He is going to be a handsome guy when he grows up. He is so cute now.

Love You
God Bless You all

Nene said...

I love it Lori, I wish I was there with you guys. I love Southern Cal. so much and I would probably live there if my family was there..."Oh yeah, YOU ARE THERE...LOL!!"

Seriously, he looks like he had so much fun there. I am sure you did too.

Love ya,

****(Thank you so much for giving me that "HELPFUL TIP".....on my blog,"WHEWWWW!!!")*****

little chef said...

I love the sea life...I would love it more then anything to be right in the water with the fishies...Alex always calls me a fish because I am always wanting to be in the water. any way I love you guys.

Love always,