Monday, April 7, 2008

Doll Challenge

Lori From Faerie Window hosted this Doll Challenge and asked that we post about our favorite dolls. I have a few very special Dolls but I have been unable to get to them as they are still in hibernation(or unpacked), So without further ado I will show you the most important ones to me, that are out.

1. This is my little Amish baby, she was bought special for me, by my Best Friend since high school, while she was on a trip to New York, They visited am Amish farm and an Amish store, Dionne understands my love for anything Amish and Surprised me with, little Rachel Yoder. (I named her)

Next up is from my son's collection, these I will save forever! The little Giraffe is the very first toy I ever bought once I found out I was pregnant, Donovan used to chew the heck out of his little nose and when he would get excited he would throw his little hands up and squeal with the Giraffe hanging out of his mouth!

Tangerine Bear is another favorite, he came in a package along with a video starring Tangerine himself and Tom Bosley. A great Movie, Tangerine was actually considered a misfit because his mouth was sewed on crooked and it's about him overcoming his being different! Donovan used to try to smile like him.

Both of these boys are in bed with him each night. and have been since he was a wee little babe.

This next little Fella has also taken up permanent residence in Donovan's bed, I made him for D'Angelo when we were just dating, His name is Hearts-a-lot Lion, The king of Carebear world. D'Angelo an I started dating 2 weeks after I turned 16 so this lion is almost 20 years Old. He has lost his stuffing a couple of times but I just fix him up.


BABY GARBARINO................

This is Baby holding Stormy, Donvoan also sleeps with Stormy!
This is Baby and her cousin Ellie, I bought this just incase something ever happened to Baby and Donovan would have none of it. He was like 1 1/2 and he'd say, No! Baby and point to baby if I tried to give him Ellie. This is exactly how Baby looked in the hospital

Baby has been with Donovan since the hospital and she is every part a bit of the family. She is Donovan's security and has gone everywhere with him. He uses her as a pillow when he lays down, and he rubs her ears between his little fingers while falling asleep and watching T.V. and has done this since he was a baby.

I just love baby so much, at this point we don't really know who loves her the most Mommy and Daddy, Or Donovan. I have big plans for her. She will be at his wedding! for sure!

Hope you enjoy, D'Angelo, Donovan, and Baby are the loves of my life!



Linda said...

Hi Lori,
I have just poped over from Loris' loved reading all about your special Amish Baby and Donovans special cuddly friends. They hold such wonderful memories don't they?
Cheers Linda

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi! Your amish doll is beautiful! I love amish things too. My grandma lived in an amish town and we would go visit them. They always seemed so mysterious when I was little. I secretly wanted to spend the day with them, seeing and doing what they did!

Donovan's cuddly friends are so special, I love that you shared them with us!


LW said...

What sweet dolls, I adore your story of baby, that is what it is all about..
Memories and love..


nene said...

"Oh Lori, your dolls are so adorable!!" This has been so fun, and some of the dolls out there you just want to "HUG & SQUEEZE" tight!!

I love your "NAME" you gave my daughter's doll!! "Hmmmm, do I have a winner;-))??


Donna O. said...

Amish doll?? Who knew? So very cool!! You'll have to post about the unpacked dolls in another post down the road. Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

Lori, thanks so much for playing with me today:) baby garbarino is so sweet, i have fond memories of my 15 years olds favorite stuffed bunny from when he was small...her name was Brigette and that girl went everywhere with us, thanks for reminding me:)

Anonymous said...

Love the little giraffe! Thanks for sharing.

Du Buh Du Designs said...

I like the idea of showing dolls that belong to our kids. I bought a boy doll on Etsy for my two year old and he loves him. I'll keep it for him long after he out grows it. Nothing sweeter than dolls truly loved.I love the elephant:) Thanks for sharing!

bluemuf said...

Love your Amish doll and Donovan little friends are so sweet.


Fete et Fleur said...

What wonderful memories! Baby Garbarino is adorable.

XX Nancy
I'll be doing your tag tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful dolls & stories to go with them. Had to giggle at the Giraffe "history"! Too cute.

Please pop over & look at my dollies!

Angelic Accents

Mica said...

well I must say I love the Elephant best..... Bri's dollys are on my page... she wanted to share hers. Love ya guys.. So glad you shared too !!! Love ya, Mica

Miss Sandy said...

What sweet stories you have of your family favorite dolls! I love that even as a tiny boy your son knew his beloved toy. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories.

zUzU said...

well, Lori ...
I just have to say I adore stuffed elephants too! Donovan has great taste ::smile::

I think you should bring one to the wedding someday ... he'll love that ::giggle::

I had a lovely time on my visit ...
Thank you for having me to see your treasures!
=^..^= love, zU

The Rose Room said...

Hi Lori, what a lovely post, I certainly understand what you are talking about with Donovans baby. We have a Melanie, who I think I love as much as my daughter does, same story, has had her from birth, like a security blanket, goes everywhere with us and is a 'real' member of our family:) Rachael

Treasure Barn said...

I can just picture Baby at Donovan's wedding. That will be a picture for you. How very cute is that?

Yes she is a part of the family for sure.

I love the Amish doll and the lion and all the other dolls that my grand baby sleeps with.
Love love love you all

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Lori, I finally got my tag posted! It's been a day.

:~) Nancy

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello Sweet Lady!

I hope your having a good day today. Your in my thoughts.


Treasure Barn said...

Yes anyone, young, old, girl, boy, and DIL's will be entered into the drawing.

Silly girl

3rdEyeMuse said...

Oooh! I love, love, love Donovan's giraffe and Rachel is just wonderful!

I was a few days late, but did post my own favorites ... if you are interested, feel free to stop by:

Cheers! ~M~