Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can You Relate??

Today on the way home I stopped by my Mom and Daddy's (I can now because I live 2 minutes away) but I was feeling really terrible because my body is fighting A big bug, anyways, My Mom was cooking at the stove and my Daddy was leaning against the sink with one leg crossed over the other, He does that alot, I just love him so much I can't even put it in words, I just couldn't resist so I walked over to him and laid my head to his chest and asked him to hug me like I was a little girl again. HE DID JUST THAT, and in that moment My whole life with him flooded my memories!

My Dad is the most wonderful man in the whole wide world, and I can remember just wanting to do all I could to please him, He was the most patient, Loving Daddy, He used to play softball with me, he taught me how to catch, he taught me how to pitch, I can remember standing on the side of the house playing catch trying to out do each other 's crack in the mitt (you know when you catch a fast ball) and we would laugh and laugh!

I remember falling on the street so hard that my tooth went through my lip the day before my 10th birthday, He had a broken toe , but that didn't matter he saw me bleeding on the street and with no care to himself, he full out ran to me and carried my back to the house and tended to all my cuts and scraped, I can still see the look in his eyes, He cared so much.

He taught and continues to teach me to get on my knees and pray through the good, the bad the pain and the happiness. He provided well for us, We never went without, we always had what we needed!.

This man shaped me and molded me and kept me at the alter, He taught me what he should, and though I rebelled, in the end I have never walked away or never departed from the Lord.

So as I stood there with my head on his chest I heard him say" I miss these times too". and his arms circled me and I felt just like a little girl again!.

Hug your daddy if you can or as Addison prayed: "Send a text message to heaven to tell them you love them!""

I love you Daddy

Lori Green (Garbarino)


Treasure Barn said...

What a wonderful thing Lori.
I would give anything to put my head on my Daddy's chest and tell him to hug me. I dream of him in his rocking chair and me sitting on his lap and him tying my shoes. Even though I lost him at the age of 7 years old I still have that dream. I will send a text message to him and Mom and Grandpa Erv to say I love you and I miss you...Rest in peace.

I love you dad too Lori. Hugs to him for sure from me.
Love you

Mica Garbarino said...

oh Lori, this is so sweet. That must have melted your hearts all over the floor. I miss your parents.. i will always remember that Christmas that we spent with them.. I miss your daddy's mustache too !! Hee Hee. Tell them hello for me and big hugs and kisses too !! Love ya Sister !!! That was just the sweetest thing ever told !! Love ya, Mica

nene said...

Yes, my heart is so jumping with excitement as my mind floods with memories of my dad too. OUR Dads where a lot a like Lori.

What an amazing story, and I am so glad you told it to us. It was very moving and inspiring. You have been blessed just like your song you have playing. (I love that song!!)

I always wish I could run to my dad too and hug him. He has an injury, and can't always see him. But he loves me so, so much. I love him more then word can say, because of the impact of love, sacrifice's and Christ in his life he demonstrated to us.


Love you,