Friday, February 22, 2008

A Mothers Love........

I am in awe of my Mother In Law! (Patti @ Treasure Barn Blog) Her beautiful mother, Gramma Grape is in the hospital and It's not looking good. Patti flew to Idaho and was off the Plane at 4:00pm, She got a call from her brother that Gramma could go any minute and she called me at 4:06pm to let me know so I could call my husband. She made it to her bedside, Thank you JESUS! and has been able to spend time with her all evening, She is surrounded by her Brothers and her nieces and Nephews. Gramma is in and out.

I am in awe of my wonderful Mother In Law because in the face of losing her Mommy,( Yes Mommy because that is who Gramma is, A Mommy! Loved and Cherished by all) anyways I am listening to the conversation and I am hearing her comforting, loving and encouraging my husband, I can hear her being the strong one and being brave so her baby doesn't hurt as much, I am hearing her reassure and comfort to the extent of trying to lighten the conversation up so my hubby can breathe through his pain, I am hearing her love pour out through the phone line, I am hearing her pain because her baby is hurting!

That is amazing to me, She is amazing to me, Mom if you have chance to read this I want you to know that I am in awe of you, I Love you so much and I have learned so much of how I want to be with my own children because of you. I see how you love us and I Love you for it. You are One of the best moms in the world and YOU INSPIRE ME!

You are in my prayers,

Your Loving Daughter,

Lori Garbarino


Jeannene said...

Sweet Lori,

Thank you for your kind words and very encouraging spirit and Scripture for me at this time. I truly appreciate it with all my heart!

I also pray for you and your family, your whole family. God is in Control and he is "FAITHFUL, GOOD AND JUST!"

Love to you.

Treasure Barn said...

As tears stream down my face at this moment I realize just how blessed I am to have you for a daughter-in-law as well as a friend.
Thank you for the kind words and the complements. I love you so very much.
Mama Chickki