Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have been tagged ! My First Time

Jeanenne tagged me! Yipee! I see that it is asking for 7 child hood memories and just as Nene did I will also add fact.

1. I had what my sister and I call a "Pink and Fluffy" Childhood. We were brought up by near perfect parents( at least in our eyes) We grew up in Church and always won the memory verse contests.

2. Something in me is drawn to the darker side of life, Not Evilness but I tend to be more brooding and contemplative, I would rather listen to darker, soulful music than happy pop.

3. I was devastated to learn that I had a brother that died before I was born and I still that stabbing pain when I remember my Dad telling me.

4. My sister and I used to spend hours setting up a house for our Barbies and then start over again, We just loved to decorate.

5. Some of my happiest memories were the days we would beg My Mom to stay home from work just to lounge in our PJ's and watch movies over and over again.

6. Some of my saddest memories were when My mom was gravily ill and I am ashamed to say that I hated her. I have now come to understand that that was my defense mechanism putting up a wall so it didn't hurt so bad. The truth is I loved her so much I could hardly breath. (and Of Course I still do)

7. We used to lock my dad out of the house on purpose and laugh at him through the window and then run to lock the next door, he always managed to get in and chase us around until one of us would run out the front door and chase each other down the street, laughing and screaming at each other! It was so funny, years later I was talking to one of the neighbors and she brought that up and told me she and her family used to watch us and laugh and say "There go the Greens again"

Thank you Jeanenne That was so fun

xoxox Lori

I nominate Vickie and Mica You have now been tagged ! Much Love!


Jeannene said...

I am so happy you participated in this....

I loved reading about you Lori, sounds like you and your sister had fun with your dad...I can picture it!

Thank you for that, I love reading this;-))