Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend I had!

This weekend was so wonderful, I did almost nothing I didn't want to do and everything I wanted! I actually joined my first ATC swap being hosted by Vickie @ This is most exciting to me because I am also joined by my wonderful Mother in law Patti @ and My sweet friend Jeanneane from I am doing more than one card so that I can choose the best one I want to send. Here is a sneak peek of one that I am currently working on . This is my great aunt Mimi, My was she pretty.


Mica Garbarino said...

great Lori.!!! Hope you like the look I gave you.. and hey.. I would maybe do red on the music box.. I think it would match better with the colors.. that's just my opinion... anyhoo, you aunt is beautiful and I am so proud of you and Mama Chiccki and Jeannene for getting into colloge.. great way to self express yourself !! Love to you !! Mica

Jeannene said...

Hey Lori, Great Job ON "EVERYTHING; your blog, banner music graphics and of course your ATC posted!!" Everything looks so beautiful here and so inviting.


My Treasure Barn said...

This is just perfect. I love it! You are really getting the hang of it . This ATC swap is going to be fun.
Love Ya
Mama Chickki

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ATC! I really think it's great. Hopefully you have an envelope showing up soon.