Sunday, December 23, 2007


Welcome to Christmas at our Home, Come and settle in, We have a peaceful home filled with great conversation and Wonderful home cooking. Our Home is our castle and it's a lived in castle, cluttered to some but warm and inviting to most. We have many wonderful Christmas traditions. Each year the first decorations to be unpacked is our Nativity's This is the way we chose to honor our Lord each day, by reminding us of the reason we celebrate!. We have 7 in all and we are collecting more as we go. The next on our list is a Veggie Nativity, It is sooooo precious. So without further ado Please enjoy our favorite Ornaments! This is Donovan's Very favorite thing and we must place them under the Christmas tree just like the Cartoon The Very First Noel!

If you haven't seen this wonderful version of the Nativity story, Well I must say you have missed out for Sure! Please go by and check out this website, as this is a year around video we watch!
mages from The Very First Noel (2006)


My Treasure Barn said...

I love nativity scenes...they are my favorite in all forms.