Sunday, November 25, 2007

Donovan Earned his First Badge : The Bobcat

Donovan earned his Bobcat within the first 2 weeks of joining the Cub Scouts. His Pack an Den leader had something very special planned for him at our 2nd Pack meeting. My Mom and Dad, My sister and Miranda also joined us. Donovan also particpated in the Colorguard and presented his own flag. This flag was at least three times taller than him but he was determined. The flag swayed back and forth all the way up the isle and you could hear Donovan saying " Oh! No this is not good! over and over again, We all laughed so hard!. but everyone one was so proud of him. He is the youngest member in his pack so all the boys tend to watch out for him. Enjoy!


My Treasure Barn said...

That's my grandson!
He is so smart and so funny and he will go far in everything he does.
Love you Donovan! said...

These are great pictures Lori!! I must have not seen these. How fun and exciting Donovan looks.

Thank you for sharing. I need to take more pictures of Jared too. (Bad momma uh??)

xoxo Jeannene